Kursnummer: 3400NNN14

15.12.23 – 16.12.23, 2 Termine

Fr. 16:00 – 19:00, Sa. 11:00 – 14:00, 8 UStd.

33,- €

10 – 16 Teilnehmende

Kursleitende: Elaine Thomas

With the Christmas season approaching, what better way to get in the spirit, than to sing gospel music? The trained and experienced singer Elaine Thomas will guide you through several gospel Christmas favorites! The lyrics are explained, discussed. You will train your voice and develop your sense of rhythm. Some singing experience or knowledge of music is preferred, but not required, but everyone should have a basic knowledge of English.
The course will be mostly practical, and you will be encouraged to have fun while putting your new skills into practice with the rest of the class, in a safe and relaxed environment.
The course can also benefit new performers with a little experience.

Wichtige Hinweise

Bitte bequeme Kleidung, genügend zu trinken und etwas für das gemeinsame Mittagessen mitbringen.

Alle interessierten Sänger*innen sind willkommen.
Gerne Englischkenntnisse ab B1